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Dunkaroos Are Officially Back In Stores This Summer

Among one of the most precious snacks of the ’90s is lastly making its victorious return. That’s right, Dunkaroos are officially returning, as well as truthfully, I’m going crazy in addition to the rest of the web.

The Dunkaroos group validated to us today that the cherished treat will be available once more starting this summer. If you have actually never had actually or heard of a Dunkaroo, you may be damaging your head right now. Is this a minute in which I will be OKAY, boomer ‘d? Or … OK, millennial ‘d ?? In any case, let me educate you.

Dunkaroos involved us back in the ’90s and were terminated around 2012. They are comprised of two of one of the most delicious points on earth Earth: cookies as well as icing. Each specific pack had a few little, round cookies that could be dipped in a little vat of topping. It was heaven.

Back then, you could get a lot of different tastes like Chocolate Cookies as well as Vanilla Topping or Strawberry Toppings with Vanilla Cookies, however General Mills confirmed that in the meantime, Dunkaroos will certainly be coming back in one of the most popular taste: Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles.

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The only bad news is that we do not know specifically when we can expect to start seeing these on shelves. All we know is “summer season,” which might mean May or it can indicate August. If I were you, I would certainly simply begin trolling the treat aisle around the very first time you have the ability to sit on the veranda and have a drink. They ought to be available shortly afterwards … after that you can have DUNKAROOS on the porch. Ah, to be young once again.

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