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SunnyD Brought Back Its Watermelon And Lemonade Flavors

As Cher once stated, if I could reverse time, I would certainly restore all my preferred ’90s junk food. Simply joking, she didn’t rather sing that, yet it is how I directly feel. As well as with the reemergence of throwback treats like Dunkaroos, it’s beginning to feel rather possible, particularly now that we’ve gotten wind that SunnyD is additionally re-releasing some cherished summertime flavors.

Yes, dear reader, SunnyD, famed drink of soccer games as well as birthday celebration celebrations of the ’90s is restoring its juicy Watermelon and also zesty Lemonade tastes for the 2nd summertime in a row. Last summer they sold out in a lot of areas, so it was a no-brainer to bring them back so we could all obtain one more opportunity to relive our childhood years.

Both tastes are bold as well as intense and best for anything from a wonderful breakfast drink, to, dare I say, increasing them? We’re not youngsters anymore, kids! As a matter of fact, a lot of us ’90s children have kids of our own now (not me, obviously, however maybe you?). Feels like a pretty blast to put them a chilly glass of SunnyD and tell them about what it was like to mature in a time of dial-up web as well as large cell phones. They’ll love it!

If you intend to get these new (returning) flavors, they go to pick sellers from $1.99-$4.99 so it’ll be pretty simple to obtain a couple of bottles to place in your fridge. Trust me: They’ll go fast.

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