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Froot Loops Changed The Look Of Toucan Sam And People Are Pissed

That … is he?

It’s fair to claim we get affixed to food branding equally as much as we do to actual food. Catchy slogans and adorable mascots are equally as remarkable as the food they represent, which is why individuals were outraged when they saw the new version of Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam.

Toucan Sam is the bird that’s on every box of Froot Loops who has a colorful beak to match the various colors of the cereal items. He made use of to be various shades of light as well as dark blue with a yellow, red, pink, and black beak and as for animations go, he was pretty reasonable to the shape of a real toucan, as well.

This web content is imported from Instagram. You might have the ability to discover the same material in an additional layout, or you might have the ability to locate more information, at their web site.

Not anymore, though, since for some reason unbeknownst to … everyone, Kellogg’s has entirely altered Toucan Sam’s look. Our once-handsome, blue-feathered buddy is now a psychedelic neon bird with a harmful mood. Toucan Sam utilized to be sweet-looking as well as approachable and this brand-new individual just looks like a fever dream.

This material is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the very same web content in one more layout, or you might be able to locate more info, at their internet site.

In a time of so much change already, did they truly have to mess with the one point that regularly gave us pleasure while we poured ourselves an additional bowl from our Froot Loops box? Out of every mascot to alter– coughing, coughing, the Hamburger King King– why ‘d it have to be our child Toucan Sam?

Froot Loops debuted the brand-new Toucan Sam on Instagram, and people throughout the web started speaking up about the modification. The hashtag #NotMyToucanSam swamped the remark section on Froot Loops’ Instagram.

Someone at Kellogg’s thought it was a good idea to not have Toucan Sam’s redesign have a beak mouth.

Many critiques have to do with the actual reasoning behind the design, since this Toucan Sam has a beak as well as a mouth that are completely separate from each other, which anatomically makes no sense for a toucan. The mouth has … human teeth inside of it.

It even got to the point where Froot Loops followers were taking matters right into their own hands as well as tried to revamp Toucan Sam on their own terms, as well as the outcomes were pretty great.

Overall, what we’ve found out below today, folks, is that (1) people hate adjustment, (2) food mascots can actually tear individuals apart, and also (3 ), birds don’t have teeth, alright?

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